Monday, November 29, 2010

Copper is Queen

Spent the day fluffing the Christmas kiosk at our local mall here in Carson City where I am set up for the holiday season.   This is just one of the many fused glass pieces that I wire wrapped in a non tarnish copper wire.  I have always loved copper, especially vintage copper jewelry and as prices have risen on gold and silver, I thought I would start introducing a new look with the rich rose tone of copper wire.  For those of you that are in the Carson City area, be sure to drop by and take a look at all the new goodies I am putting out.  I have also added a lot of crystal jewelry including lariats that are great for layering.   I have even included some beaded bracelets in seed beads .  And as always, I have a small case with vintage items such as jewelry and smaller treasures and I am selling vintage on my Etsy site as well.   Hopefully I will get some pics of the booth and more of my current jewelry pieces and will be posting as we get closer to Christmas.
We will be set up right through Christmas so be sure to come by and take a look!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I hadn't intended on taking my usual walk to the river this morning, but somehow the crispness in the air and the sharp contrast of white against landscape urged me on until I found myself bundling up and hurrying out the door.  There was a quiet stillness on the marsh and everything seemed frozen in time as I ascended down onto the path leading to the meadow.  I was quite alone and almost giddy at the idea of having this icy wonderland to myself and as I proceeded on, I started to take in the sites around me.  Trees and bushes glistened with ice crystals as the sun reached out to embrace their leafless limbs.
I was glad I had dressed in layers and felt comfortable even though it was still below freezing. The river waters were moving along serenely on the far side of the bank and there were pockets of newly formed ice drifts that didn't seem to bother the mallards that swam easily amongst them.  I started to think about the day and the thanks I wanted to give and it was such a perfect place to be in that moment of gratitude.  I thought of my brother Greg and was thankful for him opening my eyes to the world of nature, for exciting my senses and giving me the gift to appreciate the beauty that lies outside my door each day.  I thought of my sister Katie and was thankful for her sensitivity to the written word and all the wonderful affirmations she's given me over the years that have touched my soul and stayed close to my heart just as she has.  And of course, I thought of my parents and the lessons I have learned from them.  They gave me the gift of life and what a life I have had so far.  
My footsteps continued to take me further along the path and I could feel the morning air start to warm as I moved on out into the sunlight and away from the enchanted forest and the river's edge.  I was still alone and still giving thanks for the newness of this day and fact that I'm alive and doing well.  
Thanksgiving.............and so many people, places and things to be thankful for and just remembering that its something to live by and not just one day a year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling for Fall!

What a glorious morning!  I think fall has been my favorite season for as far back as I can remember.  The distant tease of morning light got me out of bed early.  I hadn't taken my usual walk in weeks and a voice in my ear was telling me to get going before the sun could top the Pine Nut Mountains.  I bundled up and headed down the path that skirts the old Mexican Dam canal and arrived at the top of the trail that overlooks the marshs and meadows of Eagle Valley.  Patches of morning mist were drifting over the ponds and the moisture of dew still clung to the grasses and trees that filled the marsh in abundance.  Signs of fall were everywhere and as I started my decent into the meadow, I made one last stop to take it all in.  I could make out the distant images of cattle grazing in the meadow to the south.  My feet carried me along the path through Russian Olive trees and down into the blessed mists of morning light.  The sun was just starting to peak the mountain top as I arrived at the river and I didn't hesitate long before making my way into the enchanted forest of cottonwoods that line the river bank.  No one had passed me and the solitude was welcoming.  The Sierras were now wearing their lavender cloak of color against a clear blue sky and the promise of another beautiful fall day.  I proceeded on and as my walk was coming its end, I stopped along the path between a grassy marsh to one side and a canal on the other.  Ducks were gliding along the ponds and everywhere I looked was the stark golden glow of light against the amber trees and bushes.  I understood then why I had fallen in love with fall and why it would always be my most ardent lover! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obsidian Obsession

Its a warm evening for late September and I am listening to the crickets sing outside my bedroom window along with the distant crys of restless coyotes in the valley below.    Gracie is curled up at the end of my bed and I am enjoying the peace and solitude within the four walls of my humble living quarters.  Today was a Friday for me and the time passed relatively fast considering the slow pace of traffic on the mall where my place of work is.   I've settled in nicely at The Funky Parrot and find it hard to believe that it was only seven months ago that I went back to working for someone else instead of the usual routine of weekend arts and crafts shows that had become my lifestyle.    The time for change had finally pushed me to the edge and I needed a different venue.  I am lucky enough now to still have my custom work and even though its not the same pace, I am able to pursue some other avenues in my jewelry making.  The piece pictured here is a beautiful Mahogany Obsidian cabochon that a friend of mine custom made for me.  I actually wrapped this for one of my regular customers and delighted in the way it finally came out.  I don't work as much in stones as I do glass and the change is always a welcome one for me.
Gracie is looking at me and I know she would rather be sleeping with my folks on their king sized bed tonight.  She'll just have to get use to the new sleeping arrangements for now and accept the change just like I have learned to do.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Labradoite and Moss Glass Beads

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Another Custom Set

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Vanilla Creme Sighs

Its been a while, but I am back and hoping to get more postings up and running. I actually have been inspired by my brother Greg's blog, Red Mesa Cafe and hope if you get a chance you will check it out as well. I am still working on my jewelry and headed in lots of new directions, all of which excite and inspire. Along with my fused glass pieces, I am still wire wrapping, but have taken on beadwork and chain maille as well. Its always the creative mind at work or should I say, creative mind at play. I have also started to sell some of my over stock on Etsy and you can find some of those goodies at, so be sure to stop by there on your cyber travels. The last year has been a real transition for me and along with my artwork, I have found the need to start working again. I have a wonderful boss who has also become a close friend and I spend most of my days in a faux tropical setting where I am experimenting with new ideas for jewelry related to sea life and underwater animals. Who would of thought! And I haven't given up my other passion of vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories. My Etsy shop ( has a wide selection of my collection and I am always on the hunt for more treasures to add to it. As far as my artwork goes, I still feel the joy of creating and there is nothing better than seeing the smiles on my customer's faces when they find that special piece. I am doing a lot more custom work and am lucky to have some dedicated clients who keep me on my toes month after month. To all of them, I am eternally grateful and count my blessings every day.
These days are constantly full of constant challenges and I look forward to a year full of positive changes, new friends, new adventures and lots more jewelry making!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will this be the last Snow of the Season

I have just finished reading my brother Greg's blog from his Red Mesa Cafe site and am so mindful of the pictures and adventures he holds in his mind. He is planning what sounds like a trip to warmer places and sites unseen. There is excitment in his written word. I sit here looking out my window at a sea of white. Snow has fallen once again and I am hoping it is the last snow of the season. Its a beautiful blanket that gently covers the harshness of late winter and dusts the branches of trees and fences. It won't stay long. The sun is already trying to break through the clouds and there is hope of a brighter day. I am looking around my home of 25 years and thinking of my next move. Like so many other Americans, we have put our house on the market and are hoping for some relief from the slow death of a sagging economy that has taken so much from us. The walls are almost empty and as posessions disappear, that warmth of a cozy place we call home fades into a subtle sadness. The wild horses were grazing along the road yesterday and with them was the newest edition to the group. Spring is close as the herd multiplies. I have never looked forward more to an early spring. I continue to work on my jewelry, but not with such urgency as before and the joy of working with my glass and wire has paled some while I go through a transition in my life. So many doors, so many decisions and the sun is breaking through the clouds as I write this blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Snow is Falling Sideways

Happy New Year! I am sitting at my dining room window watching the snow falling sideways and trying to keep warm as winter really settles in. Its been some time since I blogged, but I thought this would be a good time to update my status and reflect on the past year. As usual, it was another hectic season and I kept busy making lots of jewelry for a show almost every weekend in 2009. With this down economy, there hasn't been much opportunity to come up for air, so I remained home most of the time, working on stock as John traveled the backroads, setting up the shows and selling my wares. California, Oregon, Montana and back to Nevada, one weekend after another. So many familiar faces and friendly greetings and I truley am blessed to have so much support in such tough times. The dark cape of night has now covered the horizon and all I can see now is blackness and again my thoughts are how quickly Christmas came and went. We set up our usual glass kiosk on the local mall and for several weeks brisk business kept our hopes up for a good season. And again, so many return customers and familiar faces. We were pleased. And then there was New Years, 2009 behind us and only desperate hopes for the economy to strengthen and for people to go back to work. John has gone to Arizona, following the road of sunshine and warmth south. I am home, holding down the homestead along with Gracie and the snowfall. I'll be working on stock and looking for new avenues for income. In my 59th year I am hoping for the best.............for everyone.