Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will this be the last Snow of the Season

I have just finished reading my brother Greg's blog from his Red Mesa Cafe site and am so mindful of the pictures and adventures he holds in his mind. He is planning what sounds like a trip to warmer places and sites unseen. There is excitment in his written word. I sit here looking out my window at a sea of white. Snow has fallen once again and I am hoping it is the last snow of the season. Its a beautiful blanket that gently covers the harshness of late winter and dusts the branches of trees and fences. It won't stay long. The sun is already trying to break through the clouds and there is hope of a brighter day. I am looking around my home of 25 years and thinking of my next move. Like so many other Americans, we have put our house on the market and are hoping for some relief from the slow death of a sagging economy that has taken so much from us. The walls are almost empty and as posessions disappear, that warmth of a cozy place we call home fades into a subtle sadness. The wild horses were grazing along the road yesterday and with them was the newest edition to the group. Spring is close as the herd multiplies. I have never looked forward more to an early spring. I continue to work on my jewelry, but not with such urgency as before and the joy of working with my glass and wire has paled some while I go through a transition in my life. So many doors, so many decisions and the sun is breaking through the clouds as I write this blog.

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