Monday, October 27, 2008

A Mellow Monday Afternoon

Its Monday, Oct. 27th and we are still in Queen Valley, Arizona where gentle breezes and clear skies make for a very quiet and mellow afternoon in such a peaceful place.
We had a show in Suprise this past weekend which is a suburb of Phoenix. Saturday and Sunday were warm but pleasant and the small crowds of people that did attend this event put on by the West Art Museum, were friendly and responsive. In this struggling economy, I felt lucky to have been able to sell my handcrafted products to such receptive folk. Many were considering gifts for the upcoming Christmas season and some expressed concern for the artisans that make their living week to week doing festivals and art events such as this one. I laugh at the idea that politicians can try make a point about someone like "Joe the plumber" as a struggling American in a small business and not even consider the hundreds of artists, musicians, performing artists and micro business people like ourselves who depend on the American buying public to support our work and our way of life. Week after week I watch fellow artists and crafters show up at weekend events, take hours to set up their mini shops in parks, parking lots and other various locations, arrive early each morning to open and do business, stay late to pack up and then do it all again the next day. And this is only after they have worked at their respective art all week long to get ready for the weekend vigil that may or may not be a success. Considering what a "Joe the plummer" makes on an hourly rate, todays artisans have a real upward battle just to make a decent wage for their labors and forget health care and retirement plans.
As for the weekend and the lovely patrons that appreciated my work enough to purchase, I thank each and every one of them. They are the ones that make it all worth while and keep the wind in our sails.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall in the Arizonan Desert

John and I have made a short trip to Queen Valley this month to check on things and do a few shows here in Arizona. We've been here for only a few days and have settled back in to the sunny days and gentle fall breezes. Our first show was in Prescott and it was a tough one to get through. The winds were insane and the temps dropped to the mid 50's and it was all we could do to get through the weekend, but we managed as we always do and its onto the next show. I still wonder sometimes about the life of an artist and the inconsistency of any structure or normality. Its not for the faint hearted, especially these days. Many of us in this line of business wonder at the changes we've seen over the years and are saddened by the thoughts of what's happening in the world of arts and crafts fairs. This is our lively hood and what defines us, but its a constant struggle to educate the American public on knowing the difference between those of us that truly make our own products and the ones that don't and wondering if it makes a difference at all. Enough said, we are here until the end of the month and plan to enjoy our time in the Arizonan desert before heading back to Nevada.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who could forget Princess "Gracie?"

These days, Gracie is enjoying the summer by going to the park, chasing bunnies and just being her darling doggie self! Say Goodnight Gracie!
I'm adding some of my latest additions including one that my friend Liz did using some of my fused glass. Her beadwork is some of the best and she always seems to out do herself from one project to another. Below you'll find one of her pieces I call Lizzy's Beaded Goddess. It's a beautiful combination of fused glass, Nevada Turquoise and Liz's incredible beadwork.
Along with her work is a fused glass pendant titled, Blue Glass Mermaid. This is a pendant I finished several weeks ago and its becoming one of my favorites. So enjoy the pictures and stop back by again!
Happy Trails!

Blue Lake Mermaid

Lizzy's Beaded Goddess

Summer's End

It's been a while since I have posted anything and it seems even though I spend a lot of time on my computer, I never have time to post to my blog. So, here I am on a Tues. night waiting for the Democratic Convention to start and updating my blog. It's been a busy summer, with a show just about every weekend and I am amazed that I am keeping up with my stock. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to add anything more to my website, but I have listed some items on and you can find more of my jewelry there under Stop by and take a look! Right now, we are getting ready for Labor Day before summer comes to an end. Fall will be here shortly and I will welcome some cooler weather. Its been beautiful here and the Sierras stand tall and pristine in the fading light of the day and I am thankful the fires and smoke that plagued us earlier this summer have not lingered on as they have in season's past. We haven't decided on when we'll be headed south again, but I know we will be doing shows back in Arizona by January 2009 and I always look forward to returning to the desert. For those of you trying to find us at shows, you can check my Events Section on the website, where I do try and keep it updated. We are still looking for a location for a Christmas showing and will post that on the website as soon as we know where it will be. Time to run, but hopefully I'll get back to blogging before too much time passes again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some like it Hot!

This has been quite the week with temps close to 100 degrees..........and just when we are getting ready to head north.
Our last show was in Tucson this past weekend and like most of the shows this season, it was fairly average. What's to become of artists trying to sell their wares? So many of us just want to do what is an expression of ourselves and to share with the public that which identifies our very beings and brings others joy. Spring is definitely here in the Sonoran Desert and the wildflowers and cactus compete to show off their colorful blooms. We spent a casual day at Boyce Arboretum where the display of plant life was a feast for one's eyes with bursts of color at every corner of the park. I love this place!
It will be harder to leave the desert this year than times past, but I'll hold the memory in my mind like a mother holds her child and rock it ever so gently to sleep until its time to share more moments together.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Desert in Bloom

Its been glorious here in the Sonoran desert! A kaleidoscope of light and color that feeds the soul.
In a place where brown and green are the norm, spring has given us the joy of rainbows in every little corner of this enchanting desert mural. It never ceases to please and amaze me.
I am getting ready for our show in Tucson this weekend at the Pima Community Northwest College. Last week we were in Sedona. Another feast for the eyes if you can see beyond the traffic and ciaos of crowds.
I have finally got my website up and running thanks to John Charnley at Clickartists. He's done a real nice job and hopefully I can step in and add to it as we go along. Check it out at Thanks John for all your patience and hard work!
My husband and I have several more shows in Arizona before we head home to Carson City, Nevada, but I am already adding to a very busy schedule. You can keep track of those on my website under Event Schedule.
Our stay here this season has been great! We're settling right in and this year I finally got a chance to join the Lapidary club. It's a small start, but I am getting the chance to cut and polish my own stones and it's amazing what comes out of a simple rock. The transformation is always a surprise and I reflect on the gifts the earth has to offer us. That's it for now and remember to always listen to the song of life!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday in the Desert!

We are back in Arizona where is has been unseasonably rainy so far with temperatures lower than usual,
but what a lovely winter in the Sonoran Desert. If fact, it will probably be an incredible spring, one worth waiting for. Today is crisp and breezy with stark white clouds moving idly across the Arizona sky.
We just finished our first show of the season in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Not too far from our QV home.
Saturday was beautiful and the crowd was very enthusiastic, but by Sunday afternoon, the rain had us packing up and heading for dryer ground. I awoke early this morning to find a multitude of noisy finches clinging to the tree branches across the street and waiting for me to fill the feeders so they could breakfast and be on their way. How I love this spot and all the delights it has to offer!
I just finished this set as a custom order. I call it my Candy Apple line and I 've wrapped these pieces in sterling silver
and embellished them with black Swaraski crystals. The customer already has the bracelet to
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My lovely sister and one of my very best friends, Katie!

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