Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Fourth of July and the sun is warm and bright in the afternoon sky.  I spent some time this morning pulling weeds from our veggie garden until I couldn't quite take the heat any longer.  We just spent a week at a time share in Cabo where every day was virtually warmer than the next and Baja breezes were little relief.  So I am back at home and feeling more than blessed that I live in a country that is democratic, free and for the most part, friendly.  Even though I spent years hocking my wares at Arts and Crafts shows,  I never once felt the need to force my product or myself on the public.  And as far as taking advantage of my customers, I wouldn't have even given it a thought. Cabo was wonderful and the accommodations stellar, but I couldn't help but think that there really is "no place like home". 
So its another 4th and a time to reflect on family, friends and the country we call home.  We are all lucky enough no matter how tough times get, to be able to express our opinions, choose our friends and lovers, love or hate our politicians and be who we want to be.  We are still a strong country with folks that are willing to lend a helping hand to others when help is needed, without hesitation.  In a sense, we are all brothers and sisters with a common goal of making our lives better and having the freedom to actually achieve the ultimate prize, whether its a home, the perfect job, an education or whatever we choose to pursue.
So Happy Fourth to all on this sunny day in 2012!