Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obsidian Obsession

Its a warm evening for late September and I am listening to the crickets sing outside my bedroom window along with the distant crys of restless coyotes in the valley below.    Gracie is curled up at the end of my bed and I am enjoying the peace and solitude within the four walls of my humble living quarters.  Today was a Friday for me and the time passed relatively fast considering the slow pace of traffic on the mall where my place of work is.   I've settled in nicely at The Funky Parrot and find it hard to believe that it was only seven months ago that I went back to working for someone else instead of the usual routine of weekend arts and crafts shows that had become my lifestyle.    The time for change had finally pushed me to the edge and I needed a different venue.  I am lucky enough now to still have my custom work and even though its not the same pace, I am able to pursue some other avenues in my jewelry making.  The piece pictured here is a beautiful Mahogany Obsidian cabochon that a friend of mine custom made for me.  I actually wrapped this for one of my regular customers and delighted in the way it finally came out.  I don't work as much in stones as I do glass and the change is always a welcome one for me.
Gracie is looking at me and I know she would rather be sleeping with my folks on their king sized bed tonight.  She'll just have to get use to the new sleeping arrangements for now and accept the change just like I have learned to do.