Monday, August 23, 2010

Vanilla Creme Sighs

Its been a while, but I am back and hoping to get more postings up and running. I actually have been inspired by my brother Greg's blog, Red Mesa Cafe and hope if you get a chance you will check it out as well. I am still working on my jewelry and headed in lots of new directions, all of which excite and inspire. Along with my fused glass pieces, I am still wire wrapping, but have taken on beadwork and chain maille as well. Its always the creative mind at work or should I say, creative mind at play. I have also started to sell some of my over stock on Etsy and you can find some of those goodies at, so be sure to stop by there on your cyber travels. The last year has been a real transition for me and along with my artwork, I have found the need to start working again. I have a wonderful boss who has also become a close friend and I spend most of my days in a faux tropical setting where I am experimenting with new ideas for jewelry related to sea life and underwater animals. Who would of thought! And I haven't given up my other passion of vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories. My Etsy shop ( has a wide selection of my collection and I am always on the hunt for more treasures to add to it. As far as my artwork goes, I still feel the joy of creating and there is nothing better than seeing the smiles on my customer's faces when they find that special piece. I am doing a lot more custom work and am lucky to have some dedicated clients who keep me on my toes month after month. To all of them, I am eternally grateful and count my blessings every day.
These days are constantly full of constant challenges and I look forward to a year full of positive changes, new friends, new adventures and lots more jewelry making!
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