Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling for Fall!

What a glorious morning!  I think fall has been my favorite season for as far back as I can remember.  The distant tease of morning light got me out of bed early.  I hadn't taken my usual walk in weeks and a voice in my ear was telling me to get going before the sun could top the Pine Nut Mountains.  I bundled up and headed down the path that skirts the old Mexican Dam canal and arrived at the top of the trail that overlooks the marshs and meadows of Eagle Valley.  Patches of morning mist were drifting over the ponds and the moisture of dew still clung to the grasses and trees that filled the marsh in abundance.  Signs of fall were everywhere and as I started my decent into the meadow, I made one last stop to take it all in.  I could make out the distant images of cattle grazing in the meadow to the south.  My feet carried me along the path through Russian Olive trees and down into the blessed mists of morning light.  The sun was just starting to peak the mountain top as I arrived at the river and I didn't hesitate long before making my way into the enchanted forest of cottonwoods that line the river bank.  No one had passed me and the solitude was welcoming.  The Sierras were now wearing their lavender cloak of color against a clear blue sky and the promise of another beautiful fall day.  I proceeded on and as my walk was coming its end, I stopped along the path between a grassy marsh to one side and a canal on the other.  Ducks were gliding along the ponds and everywhere I looked was the stark golden glow of light against the amber trees and bushes.  I understood then why I had fallen in love with fall and why it would always be my most ardent lover!