Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Desert in Bloom

Its been glorious here in the Sonoran desert! A kaleidoscope of light and color that feeds the soul.
In a place where brown and green are the norm, spring has given us the joy of rainbows in every little corner of this enchanting desert mural. It never ceases to please and amaze me.
I am getting ready for our show in Tucson this weekend at the Pima Community Northwest College. Last week we were in Sedona. Another feast for the eyes if you can see beyond the traffic and ciaos of crowds.
I have finally got my website up and running thanks to John Charnley at Clickartists. He's done a real nice job and hopefully I can step in and add to it as we go along. Check it out at Thanks John for all your patience and hard work!
My husband and I have several more shows in Arizona before we head home to Carson City, Nevada, but I am already adding to a very busy schedule. You can keep track of those on my website under Event Schedule.
Our stay here this season has been great! We're settling right in and this year I finally got a chance to join the Lapidary club. It's a small start, but I am getting the chance to cut and polish my own stones and it's amazing what comes out of a simple rock. The transformation is always a surprise and I reflect on the gifts the earth has to offer us. That's it for now and remember to always listen to the song of life!