Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its April 1st and I promise you this is no joke, but for some odd reason I have lost all of my pictures that were included with my old posts.  So, it looks as if I will be starting fresh which is funny because that is exactly what I am doing with my life at the present time.   I am taking some time to pick and choose the direction I wish to take which will still include my jewelry making.     Along with that, I am going back to some of my earlier roots which include china and glass painting as well as collecting and selling vintage clothing and accessories.  I still get that thrill of finding those treasures from the past which speak to me loud and clear and take me back to the days when I had my shop, Revelations!  What started out as a hobby, soon turned into a full time adventure into textiles and history.  Every item that entered through my door came  in with a new story to tell and I was an eager listener.  The escapades
were plentiful and the storytellers would create pictures for my mind that were happy and sometimes sad, but always infused with the same fire that fueled the imagination and left me wanting more.  One of the most memorable fables was that of a shirt that read "Seabiscut".   It was brought into the shop by a sweet little lady that related to me vivid depictions of a young man named Earl who went to work for Charles S. Howard in the early 1930's.   Earl was her husband's brother and unfortunately died  long before his story could be expanded on.  And so, the shirt was passed on until it reached my threshold and to this day, remains in my possession.  I have held onto it, searching for answers or some ending to the rest of the story that needs to be told.    I will be there to listen to what it has to say with the same breathless enthusiasm that delights, like a child listening to some whimsical tale before bedtime.  Pictures in my mind!