Monday, January 18, 2010

The Snow is Falling Sideways

Happy New Year! I am sitting at my dining room window watching the snow falling sideways and trying to keep warm as winter really settles in. Its been some time since I blogged, but I thought this would be a good time to update my status and reflect on the past year. As usual, it was another hectic season and I kept busy making lots of jewelry for a show almost every weekend in 2009. With this down economy, there hasn't been much opportunity to come up for air, so I remained home most of the time, working on stock as John traveled the backroads, setting up the shows and selling my wares. California, Oregon, Montana and back to Nevada, one weekend after another. So many familiar faces and friendly greetings and I truley am blessed to have so much support in such tough times. The dark cape of night has now covered the horizon and all I can see now is blackness and again my thoughts are how quickly Christmas came and went. We set up our usual glass kiosk on the local mall and for several weeks brisk business kept our hopes up for a good season. And again, so many return customers and familiar faces. We were pleased. And then there was New Years, 2009 behind us and only desperate hopes for the economy to strengthen and for people to go back to work. John has gone to Arizona, following the road of sunshine and warmth south. I am home, holding down the homestead along with Gracie and the snowfall. I'll be working on stock and looking for new avenues for income. In my 59th year I am hoping for the best.............for everyone.

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