Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I hadn't intended on taking my usual walk to the river this morning, but somehow the crispness in the air and the sharp contrast of white against landscape urged me on until I found myself bundling up and hurrying out the door.  There was a quiet stillness on the marsh and everything seemed frozen in time as I ascended down onto the path leading to the meadow.  I was quite alone and almost giddy at the idea of having this icy wonderland to myself and as I proceeded on, I started to take in the sites around me.  Trees and bushes glistened with ice crystals as the sun reached out to embrace their leafless limbs.
I was glad I had dressed in layers and felt comfortable even though it was still below freezing. The river waters were moving along serenely on the far side of the bank and there were pockets of newly formed ice drifts that didn't seem to bother the mallards that swam easily amongst them.  I started to think about the day and the thanks I wanted to give and it was such a perfect place to be in that moment of gratitude.  I thought of my brother Greg and was thankful for him opening my eyes to the world of nature, for exciting my senses and giving me the gift to appreciate the beauty that lies outside my door each day.  I thought of my sister Katie and was thankful for her sensitivity to the written word and all the wonderful affirmations she's given me over the years that have touched my soul and stayed close to my heart just as she has.  And of course, I thought of my parents and the lessons I have learned from them.  They gave me the gift of life and what a life I have had so far.  
My footsteps continued to take me further along the path and I could feel the morning air start to warm as I moved on out into the sunlight and away from the enchanted forest and the river's edge.  I was still alone and still giving thanks for the newness of this day and fact that I'm alive and doing well.  
Thanksgiving.............and so many people, places and things to be thankful for and just remembering that its something to live by and not just one day a year!

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Amy Gibbs said...

Nice little vignette. Hope the day was truly a peaceful one for you. I wish I could enjoy winter nature as much as the rest of the year. But we are truly blessed to be so close to it in our respective communities.