Friday, May 17, 2013

It's been some since I have visited my blog and actually put any words in order.  I have spent plenty of time on Facebook and now Twitter, but coming back to my blog is like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in a while.  There have been lots of changes in my life, but my career in glass and wire has pretty much stayed the same. Well, not really!  At this point, I am not traveling as much as I use to and I am not a slave to festivals and craft fairs.  At one time it was a steady part of my life, weekend after weekend and it seemed I never ran out of energy, but always needed to work on my inventory of pendants and earrings.   
But life has it's way of always presenting the unexpected and so I now call the California Delta my home where my days are spent discovering the pleasures of living amidst green fields of corn and watching the vaqueros exercise their horses in the open space across the way.  Mount Diablo greets me each morning and the yard outside our bedroom window is filled with colorful flowers and vines that seem a drastic change from the sage and rabbit brush that were constant companions in the Great Basin of Nevada.      Much of my days are filled with working on my Etsy sites.  I haven't given up my passion for vintage clothing, so I sell what I can through my store online and through my small space in a co-op not to far from my home.  This was also the year I dropped my website and moved my handcrafted jewelry to Etsy as well.   It's been a slow start, but I am reaching new customers and have taken to selling a little bit of supplies also.  
I'd like to say I will try and post on a regular basis, but like I said, keeping up with Facebook, Twitter and Pinerest has my head spinning and I marvel that at this point in my life, I am still keeping up with the younger generation.  If you haven't already been there, take a look at my sites.  If its vintage, jewelry and old stuff you like then is what you want to check out.   My fused glass and wire art is now at and you can find a small grouping of jewelry supplies there as well. 
Life really is a box of chocolates! or