Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Revisiting Some Old Friends

Its early morning and I am sitting here drinking coffee and going through my library of pictures.  My library is quite full since I am working with several sites right now, going from vintage to my wire art.   The abundance of pictures are from jewelry I have made over the years. I had forgotten how special a lot of those pieces were and how much of it I actually produced.   They bring to mind the hours that went into learning my craft and the excitement of creating those first little works of art that motivated me to generate more.  I remember at the start the frustration I felt working with the wire and thinking how difficult it was and of course, it was, considering the wire and the tools I was using to begin with.  But after some time, I was sitting down each day and greeting my work as if I was having coffee with old friends.  There was a comfort and peacefulness that came from working with my hands, sitting in solitude and listening to the quiet, seeing the direction my mind would take and following that path to it's final destination.

Looking back now, I think of the time I invested.  There is satisfaction in knowing that others appreciated my efforts and expressed it not only in words but by taking a small part of me along with them, those many friends I made along the way. 

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