Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday in the Desert!

We are back in Arizona where is has been unseasonably rainy so far with temperatures lower than usual,
but what a lovely winter in the Sonoran Desert. If fact, it will probably be an incredible spring, one worth waiting for. Today is crisp and breezy with stark white clouds moving idly across the Arizona sky.
We just finished our first show of the season in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Not too far from our QV home.
Saturday was beautiful and the crowd was very enthusiastic, but by Sunday afternoon, the rain had us packing up and heading for dryer ground. I awoke early this morning to find a multitude of noisy finches clinging to the tree branches across the street and waiting for me to fill the feeders so they could breakfast and be on their way. How I love this spot and all the delights it has to offer!

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